video marketing and its benefits

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Videos are engaging and also interacting.

In today’s time videos have become the most common method and most followed method for learning, following and as well as for business marketing.
Videos are easily memorable and are also a better way to communicate with the audience. Videos make it simple and better to create an emotional interaction and engage the viewer through emotions. So, today, before we talk about the benefits of video marketing, let us learn a bit about video marketing.
What is video marketing?
Video marketing refers to a marketing strategy that helps to increase customers base. And promote businesses through the help of various interactive and attractive videos and graphics. For emerging business video marketing is a great way to interact with the target audience and do brand marketing.
In today trend most loved and followed video marketing technologies include motion graphics, explainer videos, tutorials, infographics, etc.

Benefits of video marketing

Most of the modern customers spend time online

Most of the customers and almost 85% of the young generation spent most of their time online. Thus video becomes the easiest way to target our audience and customers. Youtube is the second most popular and used browser since last years. Videos can be found easily and make it simple and easier to connect with the viewers. 64% of the population now watch less television and are more engaged in youtube and social media these days.

Videos explain and connect better

Video contents are the most followed and understood the content. Most of the user would prefer to watch any video about the product they are willing to buy. The student would consider watching a tutorial online. And apart from all these the most favorite quality of the videos are that they are device friendly. All type of digital user be it, Desktops, laptops, tablets can easily watch video from any place they are standing on.

Time-saving and refreshing

Many people watch videos during short breaks from work while traveling while working. Videos are time-saving and refreshing in various means. One does not have to think twice before spending any extra minute to watch a short and refreshing video. Most of the promotion and advertising videos are made refreshing and engaging. That attracts the viewer within starting seconds since the video started and keep them connected until the end.

Videos are easily shared

Nowadays watching videos have become a habit. And thus videos can be found almost everywhere and almost on every social platform. Most of the people prefer learning through videos rather than holding books in hand and read them. Sharing videos have also become simpler and easier. ONe can share any kind of content any size in a few taps or clicks. Looking upon the trends and virals in present time video are 90% reason behind the topic/person trending.

Video helps in connecting with the user in real time

Many users love to give reviews and comments on the content they liked or found useful. This provides an opportunity to connect and communicate with the user in real time. Many times if a viewer/customer finds some of your videos he demands more of the similar content. This helps you to know your customer’s need and thoughts about the content you have been creating.

Videos are forever

Videos do not go anywhere they are shared for years and keep on promoting your business. They remain on the web, appear on google search, youtube and will help you grow customers with investing any extra money. On the other hand offline advertisements such as banners, tv ads would go away after a limited period of time. And would be useless and some time.

Engage customers via live videos

Live videos are more engaging and connecting to users. The viewer gets connected if they are watching you live. Live sessions and videos play a major role in connecting with the audience. It enforces audience to connect live and comment. Facebook and youtube live to let you read the comments live. And you can further answer to their comments and keep connecting.

Videos represent your business as modern

Video marketing shows that you are following up with the latest and modern techniques of marketing. Through video marketing and creating interactive videos, you can connect with all group of the audience be it of any age group. Sharing videos on social media give you the potential of connecting with the right group of the audience.

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