UI vs UX

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UI vs UX – web development

UI and UX are one of the most confused in web development or application development.These are most often used together as UI/UX development. Most of the times people are confused what is ui/ux or what is difference between two? These two are most important component that help create application be it web app or mobile application. In simple terms and in short one can take it as one of these describes looks for application and the later describes and deals with how things work . Let’s get Started:

What is UI ?

UI also Known as User Interface. It deals with the looks and design of the product and all the component that are visible to user. User Interface design is a vast term in itself , it compromise of all element such as forms, buttons, labels, graphics etc and their behaviour i.r what happens if you click on them. The main task of a UI designer to create a layout that is interacting and engaging. The design of the application must be eye catching.
Its the UI designer who decides the design and feel of the application. A UI designer takes care that the interface is user friendly and stimulating.

What is UX?

UI also known as User Experience. It deals with how does it feels to interact with the application. A user Experience is determined by few things :
1- Is the application navigation easy and logical.
2- Is is easy to ineract with the elements created in UI.
UX deals with the functions, forms , events etc. The main purpose of UX design is making things simpler and interactive. Ux makes it easier for user to understand the main purpose of the all the elements create in UI design.

UI and UX both of these are inter related . As UX defines and describes the use of elements in UI design. Thus main difference between UI and UX is that UI designer takes care of how the interface elements look and UX desiner takes care how these element would operate.


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