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Seo and its importance

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SEO – search engine optimization

SEO refers to various methods and techniques that are used to maintain your website’s rank and position in search engine results. Whenever we enter any keyword and search it by search engines, these search engines go to web and create list of related website by using their algorithms. SEO is a practice to make our website stand on top in those searched list. If your website is finely optimized for search engine you can increase traffic and position of your website. You will have more consumers and reader then .

Importance of SEO

* Organics search creates most of the traffic

Most of the traffic of your website comes from organic search , but what i you website is not even visible on search list. SEO improves visibility of your website. As more and more users find you among top of their search results. People dont think alot upon click the website’s that land on their first search result page wherease only rare people would go to 3-4 search result page while browsing . Thus visibility plays a vital role in creating traffic.

* Increases the trust rate

when your website rank on the top of the search result , not only it increases the trust of your existing customers but also bring you a lot of new customers and followers. Who have seen you among some top results that search engines provide them.

* Help keeping your content updated

As search engines keep updating their algorithms for search results, We also need to update our websites accordingly to rank good in new patterns and algorithms. This keeps us and our content up to date. As per the requirement and preference of search engines and users.

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