Must have features a website must have

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Must have features a website must have

As in previous blog we discussed about various reasons to own a website for your business. Today here , we are going to discuss about must have qualities a website must. Just getting a domain or a website built is not enough. One has to keep track of various other things that make website more effective and useful.
As we know website plays a major role in marketing. Your website should have some common components that are required in order to make it easier and effective for your customer/viewer to visit and learn about your business. Top 10 features that a website must have are :-

Mobile Compatible/ Responsive

In the present time, more that 80% of user first go on their mobile’s browser to search anything or view any website . Your website must look effective and responsive in all mobile resolution . Therefore most common feature that is required and focus before designing a website is it’s responsiveness. A responsive website not only makes it easily accesible.But also create a good impression on the user at first go.

Provide proper Information

As one of the main motto of getting a website is to inform customer about you ,through web. You must provide basic and clear information about your business. A good website must include your address, details about your business, Contact information etc. You can add maps and other featured information in your website.

Good Content

A website must have good and abundent content. So that it may easily describe everything a user needs to know.When visitors read good content on your website. And if they find it useful for them. For sure they’ll return to you again. Thus good content helps you interact with you customer in better ways. The content of your website must be related to the niche that you have chosen. This also help cusotomer to believe that you have impressive knowledge about what you do .

Effective and easy navigation

While getting your website done, you must keep this in mind. You should provide your viewer with easy navigation. So that they would not have to search. If they want to navigate to a different page . Effective navigation and response makes your website user friendly . Most of the website today contains huge menu and categories.Therefore you should always focus on providing easy solutions for navigating.

Good Colour Combination

Color have always been a big reason for choices. A person would not choose a product that has unpleasant colors. Your website color must be attractive to the eyes of the viewer. Even in case of digital marketing and branding, one has to focus more on color they use for website. Your website colors and content must match with the color of your brand. And also be pleasant to eyes at first look only .

Dynamic Forms and content

You should include dynamic forms in your website. So that user can contact you easily. They can ask you question, any enquiries or contact you. Dynamic form help you know who want to contact you and store these questions,enquiries as records with you . You must also focus on keeping dynamic content on your site. This would help you easliy update about new plans and offers.

Pictures and Graphics

What is web without images? Images a major component of web be it websites, social networks or anything. A picture speak a lot of emotions in just a single look . You should avoid using stock image and try to use real images as much as possible . Cool graphics and banner will help you connect and increase reader at higher rate .

Modern & Up to Date

Keep your design modern and up to date with the trend. There were times when using logo and navigation was enough for headers. Then came banners and images for header. Further we moved to slider and carousels. Thus you must keep your website design update and modern. Try to implement that is new to viewers and also looks attaractive.

Reliable & Secure

As more and more people connect to web . Threats of internet are also increasing day by day . Account hacking, stealing data and many other major cyber crimes are prevailing on internet . You need to make sure that your website is secure and safe for browsing for users. A user would not navigate or scroll through a website that is not secure. Or any website that would store their data and spam them .

Story telling

Last but not the least, Your pages and content must tell stories. Tell more about what you do and how you do it. Help people learn more about your business.
You can include client reviews, client stories, testimonial etc. Keep track for SEO of your website. Use relatable keywords and keyphrases. Let people know most of what you can do and how do you help them .

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